2.5 lbs. Charcoal SumiBalls
2.5 lbs. Charcoal SumiBalls
LIMITED TIME OFFER - Charcoal SumiBalls are great in many environments. Replace traditional soil with Charcoal SumiBalls or use as a decorative topper on your house plants. Use in fish bowls and aquariums as a substrate for tropical and cold water fish. Charcoal SumiBalls are also great for Koi fish ponds, outdoor water gardens, & water fountains that get slimy easily. Charcoal SumiBalls are also great for removing unsightly odors from your home, your cat litter box, your hot tubs and home spas, and even from the air you breath in. This all natural and organic product is environmentally sustainable and is completely safe to use around your pets, children, clients, and just about anyone who is looking for a clean, safe, healthy environment.

Imagine the Possibilities!

COLORS: Charcoal, Terracotta, Blue, White, Earth - while quantities and colors last.
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